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Weaving It Together: Slick Designs and Site Traffic

You want your site to look spiffy without compromise? There are several amazing and unique tools, graphics and functions out there that you might want to try but one thing you always have to keep in mind. Functionality and look should go hand-in-hand in web design. A slick animation may wow your visitors but not if it takes up the bulk of a page’s load time. And there are elements such as transitions and fonts that don’t translate very well across all browsers and devices. So what are you willing to work with? Here’s at least four things to think about when it comes to your site’s design:

1. Say no to Flash

If you haven’t heard by now, the use of Flash or any other program to create special effects on your site is becoming a thing of the past. Truthfully, there are many other more effective ways to create the animations you want on your site and they won’t bog it down with a bloated bandwidth. And it’s not the search engine’s best friend either.

2. Use Web-Based Graphics

Avoid large files and use them sparingly to enhance your site, not bog it down. What if your site requires a lot of images? Having the best resolution and correct file type is key for when graphics are a must have.

3. Make sure it’s Responsive

It’s not enough for your site to look amazing on a desktop. Your site needs to look amazing and functional on tablets, smartphones and other devices that may utilize the web in the future. If your site is tailored to be responsive, you have a leg up over other sites who still only cater to desktop users.

4. The Experience that Counts

All factors considered, your site needs to connect with people. It should be functional, engaging and easy to understand. Think about the type of user visiting your site for the first time. Is your navigation clear? Can they find what they need quickly and accurately? We’ve all been to a website that made us click away after a few seconds of frustration. Don’t let yours be one of them.

These are the biggest factors that can make or break a site, but the good news is they are all easy to target and fun to tackle. So when you think about what you would want in good design, remember that user experience and design must be in harmony.

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