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Using Infographics With Social Media Engagement

With so much information on the Internet, many users tend to have a short attention span. The everyday Internet user will typically stay on a page for a couple of seconds - about 8 seconds - before deciding to stay on the landing page or to go back to the search engine results page. With very little time to convince a user to stay on your website, you will have to condense and format information into “digestible” pieces. Visualizing information via infographics is a effective and viable way of doing so. With the onslaught of smart phones and tablets, people are constantly bombarded with information. Infographics will not only showcase information, but you will find that it will also offer a viral edge to your content via social media engagement.

Benefits of Infographics

Infographics will increase the popularity of your blog posts and will also improve inbound links. Most infographics will include an embedded code that is easily shareable via desktop users and mobile users alike. The embedded code will also allow other online platforms to use your infographic, creating a link back to the original post.

One of the more effective ways that you can explain how to do something is by using images. It allows you to condense complex and difficult topics to a format that is more compact. Infographics can showcase step-by-step guides, curated statistics, as well as simplify complex ideas. Infographics can also be used to show how your product or service can benefit the reader. Infographics will give you a competitive edge in your niche.

Infographics will also give you a branding opportunity. You can add the company’s logo on a prime position on the infographic without it being too obtrusive. When infographics are being shared, people will be interested on the origins of it. By having your name or brand on the picture, you will find that you will get a boost in your online presence.

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