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Turning Your Facebook Business Page into a Customer Magnet

Having a Facebook business page is certainly a must in promoting your company and reaching out to your customers. However, just setting one up won’t do anything. To get your page to do its job, you need to pull off some tricks.

  • Get them talking

One of the most common mistakes made by businesses which have just opened their Facebook page is to immediately flood it with posts about their products and services. This is obviously not the right way to begin, and is unlikely to attract the first wave of likes and comments to your page.

Facebook itself offers some nifty advice in creating posts for your business page. One suggestion they provide is to make your posts more conversational. Make sure to end your post with a question to your readers about the product. This will definitely get them started in posting their comments and driving the conversation.

Of course, just one post is not enough to maintain the interest of your followers. But as previously stated, flooding their news feeds is only going to annoy them. What you want to do is schedule your posts such that your fans will be able to leisurely follow them. Plan out what topics you are going to post on for each week so that they will know what to expect and get more excited with it.

  • Photos, photos, photos

Of course, you already know that having tons of photos in your Facebook business page is a must. But, do you really know how to make the most out of all these photos? The cover photo, for instance, is often chosen haphazardly, despite it being the first image that visitors to the page will see.

Aaron Lee says that, when picking your cover photo, you should know very well what kind of reaction you want to get. For instance, most restaurants would simply post pictures of their dishes to entice customers. However, a clever restaurant owner would instead post as a cover photo a shot of his place, showing off the various amenities and features of the establishment. This is a particularly good example of branding, as the restaurant will be able to create an image for itself as a unique dining experience through the cover photo.

But don’t stop there. According to branding strategy should extend to your choice of profile image. Don’t limit yourself to using your logo (though you still have to incorporate it somewhere). You can pick a clever image that best represents your brand at that particular moment. You can also be more creative and integrate it with your cover photo for even better impact.

  • Getting people out of FB

Of course, those likes and comments won’t mean anything unless you get them to actually check your products and ask for more info. For this one, Scott Levy throws in a suggestion:

“ By giving fans an incentive to subscribe to your email list, you can expand your touch points. Keep your Facebook content upbeat and fun, while saving more targeted marketing and upselling for your email campaigns. The results will speak for themselves.”

And as always, keep in mind that Facebook isn’t your only promotional outlet. So, it would be a good idea to lead them from your page to those in order to keep them interested in knowing more about you and your business.

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