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Tips on Incorporating Social Media Engagement in Your Business Strategy

When making plans to grow your business, social media engagement should be part of your strategy. If you are just getting started with social media marketing, you might think that posting a few random updates, regular blog posts, and gaining a decent amount of ‘likes’ and ‘followers’ is all it takes to grow your business. However, it is much more than that. Social media takes dedication and real planning.

Successful online marketers understand that to use social media correctly in business, there is a strategic mixture of sharing quality and relevant information, listening to your followers and allowing others to share your content. Additional strategies should be carefully implemented – some of these are outlined below.

Determine your Audience

Many businesses begin their social media strategy without even considering what they want to use it for. This lack of planning can drastically impact success. Instead, business owners first need to determine what it is they are looking to achieve and plan out a complete strategy from there. Determining your target audience is a key part of this. What type of audience are you trying to reach? Are you looking to reach CEOs for a more business to business brand or are you targeting a smaller more defined audience like mothers-to-be, for instance?

Be Consistent 

Although posting too much can overwhelm your audience, you do need to make it a point to show up regularly and be active in your social community. Some ideas for posting are asking for customer feedback on new products or services, posting about a special you are running for the week or just giving a shout out to a preferred customer. You want to post a minimum of two to three times a week with something interesting to keep customers intrigued.

Provide Quality & Accessible Content

When it comes to social media engagement, quality content is essential. Your content needs to be relevant and timely. Target a few social platforms to really reach your audience. For instance, mobile devices are a popular way for consumers get their information. Make your content not only stand out, but be easily accessed through channels like cell phones and tablets. Avoid mistakes if at all possible and keep your content professional. Remember, once you get your content out there publicly, it is out there. When posting, ensure you are posting only quality content that will strengthen your brand.

Share Notes from an Event

If you attend an event or trade show, share some important nuggets from the event with your audience. This will attract people who have interests in the same niche you are in. Be sure to include hashtags if you’re posting on Twitter so your posts will be in front of a much larger audience of people who might not yet follow you.

Encourage Customer Comments

Acquiring positive customer feedback is a great way to build credibility for your business but it also makes a great marketing campaign when you can reprint customer testimonials. You should ask your satisfied customers beforehand if you can republish their comments and share their feedback.

Familiarize Yourself with Useful Apps

There are more and more business related applications made for social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook these days. Experimenting with these apps can prove to be very beneficial in your social media strategy.

When learning how to grow your business with social media, you have to understand the importance of patience and consistency.  It takes time to truly build those relationships and gain that momentum. Once you do, however, your results will be almost automatic.

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