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Taking Control of Yelp Reviews


Yelp, the consumer review site, has taken the web by storm. Boasting more than 100 million unique visitors a month, Yelp has become the source for consumers looking for local reviews. What consumers find on Yelp about your business will be a great influencer on their purchasing decisions. It is best, then, to take a pro-active approach to Yelp and maximize your influence on what your customers read on Yelp.


Just because you have not set up a Yelp Business Page does not mean you are not getting Yelp reviews. What it does mean is that you are wholly at the mercy of the consumers leaving reviews on Yelp about your business.

Begin by claiming or setting up your Yelp Business Page. Be sure to fill in all the information you can about your business. This is where you get to present the public your best image. Business information should include contact information, links to websites, and bio information about your business.

Two other areas to pay special attention to are photographs and maps. Consumers typically spend more time on a Yelp page with photographs compared to a page without. Photos of your store front, products, as well as staff that looks happy to be there, help the consumer gain a personal connection to your business and influence them positively. Be sure to include captions for each photograph so you leave no doubt in the consumer’s mind what they are viewing.

After setting up your page, promote it to your happy customers. There are many ways to do this. Creating a custom Yelp Page URL is a great place to start. ( is one place to do this) Then, promote. Post a Yelp sign in your business, host a Yelp event at your location, display positive Yelp reviews prominently in your business.

There are lots of great tools available for business accounts on Yelp. Do your best to use them to their fullest and really give your business a leg up in the sometimes volatile world of Yelp.

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