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Maintaining A Blog While Working Full Time: Tips

There many benefits associated with blogging. Many personal blogs have the potential of becoming an income stream. If you write in a particularly popular niche – while offering your unique voice and perspectives – then you can enable advertisements, allowing you to gain profits for the time invested in your blog. Outside of potential monetary compensation, a personal blog will give you a platform to air out your frustrations, validate your opinions, and write about your passions. If you have a full-time job, then the maintaining a blog will set forth unique challenges with time management. Here are some tips and how to work a full-time job and maintain a blog.

Tweak your schedule. If you work a 9-to-5 job, then you will need to modify your schedule a bit to maintain your blog and your online presence. Waking up an hour early can be enough time to create an outline for a future blog post. You may even be able to knock out a blog post. During your lunch hour at work, you can write an outline for future posts. You can also use the time to commute, efficiently. If you take public transportation to travel to your workplace, then instead of zoning out and people watching, you can brainstorm for future ideas in a personal notebook or on your mobile device.

Join a Writing Forum. There are a number of writing and freelance forums that are mobile enabled. This will allow you to assess the forum on the go. Maintaining a full-time job while maintaining a blog is a reality for many. Surrounding yourself with people that are like-minded and have common goals will increase your morale. These writing forums also have the potential of creating a platform for future freelance projects.

Write a to Do List the Day before. There is something effective of connecting a pen to paper, and writing out your daily goals and objectives. When writing the contents of your to do list, make sure that they are manageable and small. Smaller to do lists will allow you to power through the list, making you feel a sense of satisfaction and productivity. Studies have shown that it takes 21 days to create a habit. As you complete your day to day to do list, you will create effective habits that will allow you to create equilibrium between your job and your blog.

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