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Is SEO Just Common Sense?

Practicing Moderation in Links, Subheadings, Bullet Points Etc.

Some would argue that SEO is just another technical term for what is essentially good writing.  The only difference is that this writing takes place on the internet and not in print.  As a result, it’s shorter and gets to the point faster.  It’s filled with bullet points, subheadings and lists.  You’ll come across a number of Top 10s and Top 5s.  There are very few flourishes in writing on the internet.  There’s still a touch of humor, but the vocabulary is generally at a lower level than what you’ll find in print.

Is SEO Just Common Sense?

Sometimes, you may be a bit surprised by the kinds of articles that get a number of hits in the internet medium.  They seem to have no literary value and are often just commonsensical. Couldn’t anyone come up with tips of this sort?

The truth is that the kind of information that is usually the most helpful is commonsensical in nature.  You don’t need a number of studies to tell you that you shouldn’t have too many links in your article.  After all, if you yourself went to a website where you were looking for some information and found an article with links in each and every sentence, wouldn’t you be a bit suspicious?  Wouldn’t you think that that website was just an advertising vehicle for the places it linked to?

Practicing Moderation in Links, Keywords, Bullet Points Etc.

It’s common sense to understand that you should have links in your article for good SEO but that they should be limited to places which will really give the reader more information about the topic.

Still, sometimes, people don’t use their common sense.  They think that if they add a number of links to their articles, people are going to think that the articles were very well-researched or that their company works with a number of other companies and is therefore very popular.  So they end up adding too many links.

This is just one example of what can go wrong when you’re writing for the internet but you don’t use common sense.  However, if you practice moderation in everything, from keyword usage to bullet points, you’re likely to build your readership over time. 

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