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How Yelp Search can Help Your Business

The “Yelp Filter” is an aspect of the Yelp website that allows users to narrow the results that they receive from a query. Using the Yelp Filter, users can redefine what they are looking for so that they get the results of a business or location that specifically caters to what they are looking for. The filter is broken down into three sorting styles:

  • Best Match
  • Highest Rated
  • Most Reviewed

Depending on what customers are looking for, they will sort each of the locations that come up for their query based on one of these three criteria. However, they can narrow the playing field down even more. Using the Yelp Filter, they can narrow the results that they get back based on the neighborhood of the business, the distance of the business to their current location or the features of the businesses.

This means that users are able to pick out only a handful of companies that will have the information that they want so that they can make a decision about which business is best for their current needs.

So, what does this mean for your business? Basically, it means that you want to be certain that you are high on all three of the sorting styles so that your business bounces up more often than not. Having many reviews on Yelp is one thing, but having many positive reviews is where the importance lies. Additionally, you want to make sure that you are rated well on Yelp because a low rating will often be enough to drive off many customers. Monitor your Yelp reviews and see what people are saying about your business. If it is well received, find out how it can be even further improved. If there are common complaints, be sure to rectify them.

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