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Great Web Design Completes the Social Media Cross-Connection

The term social in social media marketing is all about what people do: we live together and enjoy life in communities and organized groups. We speak in plain language and not in repetitious and pithy keywords. So, in the midst of all our technology, we should always remember that there are real people out there.

So you need to focus on making your place of business and its inventory as the current and future destination of those searching for your unique product or service. If your business location is your web presence, you must first get people to knock on your virtual door and enter your site through the lure of great web design.

You get those clicks through a variety of methods — advertising, links on your Facebook page, outbound techniques like e-mail campaigns, etc. — all of which are an important part of you marketing strategy. The anchor of your strategy, however, has to be a web site that will continually attract browsers, buyers and future loyal customers.

Social media buzz and friends definitely build a fan base, but if you’re selling something, you need the help of the search engines. People buy things on line by entering plain words in a browser search box. Those words launch the search engine, and if the word content of your site is a good match, you have been found.

This is important: The search engine continuously and repeatedly scans the web to find sites with content that also matches the searchers’ words. The fact that the web crawler does repetitious searches means that it is always looking for fresh, current and relevant content.

Search engine optimization (SEO) no longer involves the practice of keyword stuffing, which used to give the advantage to sites that were once a mile wide with keywords but about an inch deep in depth of relevancy. Search engines will skim right past bad content and even ban or penalize web sites with poor content and inferior design.

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