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Five Creative Ways to Improve Your Facebook Business Page

Improving your Facebook business page is a great goal, and we are here to help. While it can be helpful to promote yourself on your personal Facebook account, having a business page as well helps make you look more professional.  Not only will you appear more professional utilizing a Facebook business page, but business pages offer insights on your visitors that you can’t find on a personal page that can benefit your business.  That’s why we’ve come up with five creative ways to improve your Facebook business page.

  • Encourage your visitors to discuss your posts with one anotherThis keeps people coming back to your page.  The more people visit your page, the more likely they are to remember you and your business.
  • Post about current topicsPosting about new, up-to-date topics will keep your page relevant.  Nobody needs to know about last week’s events; they already know what happened and have moved on.
  • Reply to comments on your page even if they are negativeResponding to comments creates the image that you are approachable and friendly.  Responding to complaints shows that you’re not afraid to take control of a negative situation and attempt to correct it.
  • Claim a relevant URLHaving a URL that is memorable makes it easy for people to find your page.  If you’re out somewhere and someone wants more information about your business, all you have to do is tell them your Facebook business page URL and they will be able to easily find you.  If the URL is complicated, it will be too hard to remember.
  • Post photos whenever possiblePeople are far more likely to click on pictures that you post as opposed to links.  Photos, even if they are a quote, get drastically more post clicks than other posts do.
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