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If Blogging And Social Media Are Different, Can Blogs Be Used As A Social Media Tool?


If you were to ask several content marketers if blogs were a form of social media, some would say “yes” and others would reply “definitely not”. The main argument for blogs not being social media is that blogs are always generated by the person writing the blog, where social media comments are generated by the user. There seem to be many similarities, so if blogging and social media are different, can blogs be used as a social media tool?


Blogging Can Build Great Communities

Today’s modern blog evolved from online diaries, running accounts of peoples’ personal lives. You just can’t get much more social than that. Sounds a lot like Facebook, doesn’t it. Blogs don’t exist on just the homepage, but across the entire social blogging community. A successful blog attracts reader comments and a chance to engage potential customers. It also provides a means to connect with other successful blog writers.


Blogging Can Establish An Open Line Of Communication

You need different platforms where you can invite discussion with your current and potential customers. These platforms must invite people to give their thoughts and opinions. A blog that welcomes any type of dialogue could be considered social. This dialogue doesn’t necessarily have to occur in the “Comments” section. It could be a social conversation between two successful blog owners discussing blog articles.

Blogs Can Increase Search Engine Traffic

A quality regularly updated business blog gets the attention of search engines. By sharing your blog posts on all of your social networks, you make the posts work twice as hard. Visitors cannot only share their opinions and recommendations on your blog, but now they can also comment on and share your content in their social networks.

Blogs Can Establish Credibility And Build Your Online Reputation

By writing quality blog content that is totally open and honest, you can make your business stand out from the rest. You will have an excellent customer service and information tool for your prospects and customers. By providing free advice and useful information, you will make it a lot easier for people to trust you and your brand. This will allow word-of-mouth referrals to spread throughout social networks.

So, can a blog be social just because it’s a blog or is it the way it is used that makes it social? Social media does an excellent job of allowing you to interact and engage with your target audience, but many times a blog will allow you to attract an even more niche audience. If your blog starts to spark interest and readers start recommending you in their social networks, you’ll know that including blogging in your social media strategy has worked.

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