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9 Tips for creating an effective Facebook business page

Social media is necessity for all businesses these days. It offers the most direct way to communicate with potential customers and provides cost effective advertising. Here are 9 tips on how to manage a great Facebook business page and increase engagement:

1. Have a great cover photo. If your profile picture isn’t great nobody is going to bother to read your bio and discover your sparkling personality. Similarly, businesses need to have an attractive cover photo that conveys the essence of the operation and causes viewers to pause long enough to scroll down and learn more. Facebook doesn’t like too much text in cover photos but it can be incorporated into graphics.

2. Pay attention to analytics. Facebook provides page owners basic analytics about the reach of each given post. From these admins can determine which days and times are best to post. These times will vary dependending on a business’ audience – stay at home moms have a different schedule than 9-5 office workers, or medical professionals, for example.

3. Use scheduling. Having a successful Facebook page with an active and growing following requires regular posts. Content can be scheduled in advance using Facebook or third party apps like Hootsuite. This feature lets businesses post after normal work hours when people are catching up on their Newsfeeds

4. Respond to comments. Fredrik Eklund, star of Million Dollar Listing NY, personally responds to each Facebook comment he receives. Given that he has amassed 165k followers and posts receive as many as 5k likes, that’s a lot of clicks. This level of engagement is time consuming but it keeps viewers engaged. If readers know somebody is reading their comments they will be more likely to make them. A simple like or two can significantly boost the reach of your page with Facebook’s ever changing algorithm.

5. Use coupons.  Everybody loves a bargain. Offering a coupon or $ off code on Facebook is a sure way to keep followers coming back. It’s also a surefire way to get people onto your business’ homepage which is generally the point of Facebook.

6. Run contests and promotions. It’s amazing what shoppers will do for a $10 giftcard. Sometimes running a contest will generate more traffic and new likes than a Sponsored Post on Facebook. Rafflecopter is a free service that makes it easy to manage entries. Businesses can generate lots of traffic this way and collect new Facebook, Twitter, Google and Pinterest followers. It’s also possible to get email addresses as that’s needed to contact the winner.

7. Join Facebook groups. There are literally thousands of topic specific groups on Facebook. Join a few using your page or a variation of it and participate in discussions. Like souls will get to know your brand and check out your page if you offer good advice.

8. Ask questions. People like to give their two cents worth on new colors, product names and best features. Any time you can get people talking about your page it increases its reach and the likelihood it will appear in feeds

9. Post a few memes. Nobody really needs to see another cat video but if you come across an inspiring quote, funny photo or interesting news story related to your industry, share it! Readers like being entertained and if they share your post, there’s no telling how many readers will see your company’s name associated with it.

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