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5 Tips On Using Pinterest For Business

You know it’s important for your business to be on social media.  But how exactly do you start taking advantage of this social boom to get people excited about your business?  If your business is highly visual, you might want to start with Pinterest—a social media site in which you “pin” image content to boards for your followers to see and share.  Let’s look at a few tips to get you started spreading your brand on Pinterest.

1.  Choose The Business Account Option

When you’re creating your Pinterest account, go with the business option.  This will make you look professional and build trust with your customers.  It will also help with certain aspects in the future, like if you want to sell products directly on your Pinterest page.

2.  Pin Consistently

If you want to keep your followers engaged, you should pin often.  The easiest way to do this is to make a schedule for pinning content and stick to it.  Pinning regularly shows your customers that you’re eager to serve and satisfy them.  Keep an eye on the quality of your pins.  Don’t let the frequency of your pinning lessen your content quality—don’t pin something just for the sake of pinning.  A good rule of thumb is to put yourself in the shoes of your followers.  Is your pin something you would benefit from?

3.  Organize Your Pins Into Themed Boards

People search for specific, niche content.  No one will follow you if your content is all over the place with its subject matter.  Restrict your boards to one main idea or subject each.  This will create themed boards that are excellent for targeting your audience.  Stay focused and know where you’re going with your boards and pins, so that your audience has a reason to keep following you.

4.  Make Your Website Pin-Friendly

You’re going to need a lot of images in order to pin often.  If you need more content to use for pins, visit sites like Shutterstock, iStockPhoto, and Fotolia to find royalty-free images.  Having a pin-friendly site also means giving visitors an easy way to share content.  You’ll need to add a “Pin It” widget or plug-in to your site so that visitors can share your content at the push of a button.

5.  Hold Contests To Encourage Audience Engagement

There’s nothing like a simple contest to get people active on your page.  People like participating in contests—especially if there prizes or rewards.  Holding competitions will engage your audience, as well as help you with increased likes, shares, and followers.  Use apps like Votigo to help you run your contest and don’t forget to read the terms and conditions of Pinterest before you get started.

Pinterest can be a great way to take the plunge into social media.  Your business can see increased sales and contacts, and you will also learn from your experience and have more confidence when it comes to joining other social sites.  Be patient, as it takes time to build an effective, quality brand.

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