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4 Keys to Developing a Consistent Blogging Habit

The key to succeed in anything we set to accomplish is in our daily habits and rituals that allow us to build patterns of behavior towards a consistent creative and productive state. All the great artists throughout history had rituals that led them to their best output. Mark Twain, Ernest Hemingway, Winston Churchill, Benjamin Franklin, they all had very unique rituals to build things they actually cared about.

It’s the same thing when building a blogging habit. You need to create a ritual that allows you to produce consistent results to have the kind of impact you desire. Here are 4 tips you need to implement to develop a consistent blogging habit:

1. Start with your WHY

The main driver to develop a habit is to have a clear WHY. If you don’t know why you are doing what you are doing, you are easily going to get sidetracked and lose interest.

2. Just Write

Just get started writing and worry about editing later. Don’t get distracted by perfection. Writing and blogging take practice and they are skills that you refine with every piece of content you create and post on the web.

3. Be focused and consistent

The best way to stand out is to focus on a topic and develop your own voice around that topic. To stay focused and consistent, try having an accountability partner that keeps you in check making sure you follow through on your writing and blogging.

4. Pick a time and stick to it

Pay attention to yourself and determine when you are the most energetic and creative and set a time during this period to get your writing and blogging going. It’s best to take care of those things that matter to us when we are at our peak state during the day.

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