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3 Simple Tips For Creating An Effective Facebook Business Page

If you are not totally familiar with the digital space, social media marketing can sometimes be overwhelming. Just the thought of creating a business page on Facebook can cause a lot of stress. Hopefully, these 3 simple tips for creating an effective Facebook business page will make your marketing efforts a little easier.

A Custom URL Makes Your Business More Legitimate

The normal Facebook URL is no more than a jumble of numbers. This is not good for SEO since your company may not surface when people search for it. A customized URL seems to make your company more legitimate and people might take it more seriously. Once your business page has 25 or more fans, try a custom URL and see if it helps in the search.

Choose A Profile Image And Cover Photo To Reflect Your Brand

The way you reflect your company or brand is probably the most important element of your Facebook page. Not only do these images need to have personality, but they also need to convey your product or service quickly. Your business page must put a face on your brand.

People Will “Like” Your Page If You Ask Them

The key to successful social media marketing is engagement. All of your marketing materials, like business cards, fliers, and emails should have links to all of your social platforms. Current and potential customers will have an opportunity to learn more about your business and will be more likely to engage with you and your social communities.

Facebook is one of the fastest growing social media networks. It is convenient for any business to create a Facebook business page and publish a profile. The difficult part is setting up an effective business page that attracts a huge fan base.

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