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3 LinkedIn Mistakes To Watch Out For

Every business knows that an online presence is essential these days.  But oftentimes business owners don’t know how to start with social media.  It seems like a lot of hassle with nowhere to begin.  If you’re a business owner looking to get your business on social sites, LinkedIn is a good place to start.  Specifically designed for business networking, LinkedIn provides opportunities for businesses.  You have to make sure you do social media correctly, though, or your business could stagnate at best and hurt at worst.  Let’s look at some LinkedIn mistakes you should avoid.

1.  Bad Profile Picture

Your profile picture is the only visual that people have regarding your business.  It’s their first impression of your brand and identity.  You can’t go in, meet with people, and shake hands—so your profile is all potential customers or contacts have to go by.  So make sure you use a professional photo of yourself to use.  Don’t use a family photo or one of your pets, this is about your career.  Also make sure you’re smiling and look engaged in your picture.  People don’t want to work with someone dull or distracted.

2.   Stagnant Status

You need to keep your status updated so people will know your business is up and running.  If you’re not active with your shares, people will assume you’re not contactable.  If you want others to reach out, you have to be approachable and let them know what you’re about.  Don’t just post anything, though.  Your business feed means posting business-related things—blog posts you’ve written, product updates, or interesting financial articles.  Again, it’s about being professional with your branding.

3.  Boring and Uneffective Summary

Your LinkedIn summary section should be about your work experience, but don’t bore people with it! You have to use your storytelling skills on this one.  Make your tale interesting and factual at the same time.  Don’t brag or seem too self-important, but let people know what you’re capable of and what your good qualities are.  Mention future career goals because it shows initiative, which is key in business endeavors.  Last of all, don’t forget your contact information.

Knowing how to navigate social media will prove useful in your business career.  You could make new contacts and partners and possibly bring in more sales.  Starting out on LinkedIn can be a great segue to getting involved on social media sites.  Don’t be afraid to start conversations and engage people—it will only improve your chances of success.  

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