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3 Hidden Benefits of Blogging

Say the words “online marketing” today and you can pretty much guarantee that the marketing plan will include some sort of blog. Marketers know that blogging is one of the best ways to reach out to their followers, customers, clients and fans, so it goes without saying that any business with a public presence needs some sort of blog.

What people don’t often consider are the unintended or hidden benefits of blogging. There’s a lot more that a blog can do for your company than just keeping your followers informed or entertained.

Killer Google Rank: What some don’t realize about blogs is that are one of your greatest assets when it comes to moving through the ranks on Google. Much of SEO is based on frequent, relevant site updates and shared on social media sites. Blogs are perfectly suited to meet both of these needs.

Industry Expertise: When you focus on your industry and begin compiling data about a particular subject, pretty soon, people will start recognizing you as an expert in your field. As your presence and reliability become known, you’ll gain readers’ trust and respect, two great things to get from potential customers.

Targeted Demographic: With a blog, you’re not just throwing information out into the Internet, hoping for some hits. Your industry related topics find their mark in the appropriate areas and you’ve instantly got a targeted demographic ready and waiting. No Facebook ads needed!

Blogging is a valuable asset for any company with a public facing web presence. It can benefit you in more ways than you even expected.

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